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Steve's Fishing Report - Wellington - August 21, 2012

Shore Report

Fishing has been a bit tough, or maybe it’s the motivation to get off the couch that is tough to find during the heart of winter! This lack of motivation is due to a reduced number of species to catch compared with summer fishing, and with some harbour species having left the harbour to chase baitfish on the open seas, there has not been quite the same variety to catch.

However this is all changing now as the fishing from the boat has been excellent with good numbers of Gurnard, Trevally, Kahawai, Barracuda and a surprising number of Kingfish being caught, which means spring species are close for shore fishermen. Surf Casting Wellington Harbour is a rewarding and easy place to fish year round.

A Hot Spot to try, particularly for Trevally, Gurnard and Big Snapper is Titahi Bay. The outcrops that are accessible at low tide are worth fishing as you can punch out a cast out past the weed line and onto the sands further out. Be sure to use only one hook to avoid continuous snags and losing fish. Cast out half Pilchards and Bonito chunks for the best results. You never know what you are going to hook here.

The South Coast past Devils Gate is well worth a look as the water is crystal clear and these conditions make for great Blue Cod and Tarakihi fishing. Palliser Bay has been fishing well for Red Cod, Spiny Dog Fish and Spotted Sharks. Whitebait are due to run up the many lower North Island rivers at any time so expect the Kahawai to be following closely in good numbers. There have already been phenomenal numbers of Kahawai in Breaker Bay and around the Harbour Entrance.

Now is an excellent time of year to check your rods and reels to ensure they are in good working order, tackle boxes are well stocked and the line on your reels is in good condition. Now you are ready for the first runs of spring Gurnard and Kahawai just waiting to be caught off most sandy / gravelly beaches and inner Harbour wharves.

See you out there


Boat Report

Boat fishing madness with Steve and BernardOver the last few weeks fishing has been getting better by the day with both the West and South Coasts plus the Harbour showing clear signs of spring fishing.

On the South Coast Tarakihi and Blue Cod, along with small Groper, make up most of the catch with 17 Fathom Rise – Western Ledge and the reef off Lyall Bay in 35 – 40 metres of water, all having fished well. Gurnard are showing up with Fitzroy Bay and Lyall Bay along with the Harbour Entrance proving worth a try and these areas will only fish better and better as the days get longer.

Out wide Bluenose and Groper have been patchy with most Fishos reporting tough fishing. Spring fishing in the Trench is usually very good so don’t give up, places worth a shot are out wide of Karori Rock, weather and tide dependant, or the leading edges into Palliser Bay. Fishing 240 metres, up to 260 meters for Bluenose and Groper or even closer to home try GPS spot 41-28-55 174-51-34 on an incoming tide, or on the outgoing tide try GPS spot 41-27-93 174-50-68 These are good spots for Bluenose, Bass and Groper.

Just like the South Coast, the Harbour boat fishing has shown signs of improving with Blue Cod and Tarakihi numbers well up, Gurnard are showing up along with Trevally and a few Warehou. Place worth a try are Hope Shoal, Falcon Shoal or the Ledge off Point Gordon. There have been several reports of good catches of Scallops and Crayfish caught in the Harbour as well.

West Coast. Hunters Bank has been a real surprise with not only very good Tarakihi fishing, but some good Trevally and Snapper along with a few Kingfish starting to show up. With the water being so clean it’s not surprising to hear of Snapper Kingfish and Trevally being caught so early. Those fishos making the effort to anchor on the outer edges in and around 60 – 80 metres are getting the rewards. A key factor here is the use of berley helping draw big numbers of Tarakihi and Trevally to the boat, along with the Kingfish and Snapper.

Other places starting to show sign of fishing well are the reef off Pukerua Bay in 40 – 50 metres, as well as the Northern and Southern ends of Mana Island, the same as Hunters Bank. Anchor 2 hours before high and low water, and the use of berley will only improve your catch results. Flasher Rigs between 3/0 and 5/0 work well with strip baits. A good rig to use is Steve’s Fishing Shop’s Snapper Rig Green 5/0, or make sure your Flasher Rigs are strong and tough, if you tie your own use 50 – 80lb mono as anything less will only let you down.

Have a great time out there