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Shore Report

Surfcasters have been having a fairly lean time over the mid-winter period apart from the catches of Red Cod, Kahawai and small Sharks. However now is a good time to target winter Tarakihi from the shore in the deeper parts of the Harbour such as Point Halswell and Evans Bay, and from the beaches on the South Coast such as Bach Beach or Windy Bay. Steve’s Fishing Shop’s Tarakihi Rig Pink 3/0 has been working well; it is a proven colour as it imitates small Shrimps and is ideal for Tarakihi fishing from the shore, as well as the boat.

Most exposed beaches on all Wellington’s coastlines have been hammered by big swells making the harbour the only place to tuck out of rough weather for a fish. The great thing about Wellington Harbour is that no matter which way the wind is blowing from, or how strong, there is always somewhere really sheltered you can tuck into for a comfortable fish, and many of the spots you can fish from your car, a bonus in the current cold climate.

Big Gurnard are being caught in the boat along with reasonable numbers of Trevally, so it can only be a matter of time before you get one from the shore if you are out there doing it. Harbour hot spot is Seatoun Beach in front of the playground. This area can fish well for Red Cod, and don’t be surprised if you catch a nice Trevally or a couple of Gurnard. A local angler Marty Dawes went over to the Wairarapa and caught a 19 kg Seven Gill Shark on a custom made rig from Steve’s fishing shop. These big toothy critters are still out there and are a challenging fish to catch from the shore due to their sharp teeth and big size

Rug up warm, and get out there fishing, there are always fish to catch.


Boat Report

With winter fishing in full swing now, large swells on the South Coast and big northerly winds on the West have made it hard to get out most weekends. Those anglers lucky enough to get out mid-week are reporting very good Cod and Tarakihi fishing along with a few Groper and Bluenose thrown in for good measure. Having shot down to South Makara for a quick fish on Sunday we caught some big Blue Cod up to 3kg and a handful of Tarakihi and a couple of nice Trevally as well. It was nice to see a Kingfish of around 10kg chase up a Kahawai to the boat at this time of year. We had a chat to some other boaties at the ramp and all had a good day out on the water, and most had good catches of Cod and Tarakihi plus some nice Groper, Gurnard and Trevally.

Henry with a great snapperWith the weather having been so hard, the Harbour has often been the only place to fish at times. Kayakers have been taking making the most of being so mobile and tucking into small bays and enjoying sheltered fishing in when the conditions have been quite hard. Fortunately there have been some good fish around with Gurnard, Tarakihi and Trevally being caught along with winter Red Cod and Elephant Fish. Harbour. With the numbers of Kahawai in the Harbour there must be a lot of bait fish around which is probably why there are so many Trevally and Gurnard. This is looking good for the White Bait season.

Places worth a try would be inside the Racon on the sand even though the water is shallow don’t be fooled as often Trevally and Gurnard will feed on the sand banks. Berley is a must, try keeping your berley pot in mid water, as the berley will drift back further and cover a larger area. Traces should be light i.e. 30lb main line, 1 or 2 2/0 Hooks with small 1 to 2 oz. sinkers, or if you want to use flasher rigs Steve’s Fishing Shops Gurnard Rig Yellow Glow 2/0 is a good flasher rig go use. Soft bait rods or even light spin sticks work well and are a lot of fun to fish with.

Hope Shoals south of Ward Island where the weed beds are, or inside Steeple Rock drifting berley back into the weed is worth a shot. The water isn’t very deep in the Harbour so don’t forget it is very important to down scale your tackle i.e. thin traces, small hooks and sinkers plus berley foryou’re your harbour fishing will improve your chance. Well it is getting lighter at night already and while winter fishing methods will in use for a while yet, the new season is not too far away. In the meantime I hope you are all getting out there and enjoying the fishing that available during the winter mothers.