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Steve's Fishing Report - Wellington - June 18, 2012

Shore Fishing

It’s getting cold out there but don’t be put off, wrap up warm and don’t stop fishing, there are still rewarding fish to catch even during these winter months. South and East coasts are tough this time of year due to the winter weather conditions, however the rocky outcrops can have good Blue Cod fishing and coastal beaches have good numbers of Sharks and Red Cod at present.

Harbour Fishing

The harbour fishing has been unusual with a few Snapper still coming off Miramar Wharf in the past two and a half weeks. There are big numbers of Kahawai in Evans Bay, and Steve recently saw one of the biggest flocks of seabirds working Evans Bay he has ever seen. This is a reflection of how many massive schools of Kahawai and bait fish there are in the harbour at present, which explains why there are some very late season Snapper still around.

Fishing with kidsWharf fishing is as popular as ever, local wharves being fished heavily all year round regardless of the weather. Wellington has several really good wharves to fish, with kids bait fishing being popular year round, and the chance of Horse Mackerel if you use a bit of berley, the ever present Kahawai and occasionally a nice Trevally, with Seatoun and Days Bay wharves recommended destinations to try.

Red Cod are fishing well off Seatoun and Lyall Bay, using a lot of Glow Beads such as Floating Lumo Beads Spotted 10MM on your rigs really helps attract the fish. There are not many places in New Zealand where you can catch Tarakihi off the rocks, but Wellington is one of those places you can, and there are good numbers of Tarakihi being caught from the shore at present.

The Shortest Day of the year is nearly here, meaning longer days and more time for fishing – YEE HAA!


Boat Fishing

Winter fishing has taken hold with water temperatures getting colder by the day. Inshore fishing for Tarakihi and Blue Cod is fishing well, along with some great Trevally fishing on the West Coast, on the sand between Mana Island and the Main Land. South off Boom Rock is at present well worth a fishing trip out to try for some nice sized Trevally.

Some fine Trevally

Groper are starting to slow down with inconstant catches being reported on both the South and West Coasts. South off Makara and out wide off the southern end of Nicholson’s Trench is still worth a trip out in nice conditions. A top tip for Groper fishing would be to don’t forget to time your Groper trip with the tide either a couple of hours before high or low water depending on the location you are fishing.

This time of year is a good time for Bluenose especially when you get those really calm windless winter days. We have had several reports of anglers catching some nice Bluenose over the previous three or four weeks. A top tip for catching Bluenose this time of year is to attaché a Cyloom Glow Stick, with Blue being the preferred colour. A good proven rig to use is our Steve's Pro Angler 2 Hook Squid Rig For Groper & Bluenose Also using luminescent squid skirts attached to your hook and last but not least, unlike Groper which have a large mouth Bluenose have a smaller mouth so it is a good idea to reduce your hook sizes to target Bluenose.

Overall, the next two moths are a trying fishing period at best with cold southerlies dropping the water temperature even more. On the bright side Warehou and Trumpeter start to show up and they are exciting fish to catch and lovely eating fish.

If you have any questions about this report, either drop in the store, or email us at info@stevesfishingshop.co.nz We are always happy to share our fishing knowledge.

Don’t let the colder weather keep you from enjoying some great winter fishing!