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Steve's Fishing Report - Wellington - November 23, 2012


Shore Fishing


James n fishThe fishing is getting better by the week in the Harbour as the weather is improving and the temperature is warming up. There have been some really nice Trevally caught up to 3.5 kg, and the best areas for these fish are Kau Point and Point Gordon. My top tip for fishing these areas are - use strips of fresh Squid bait, and be very attentive to your rod tips as Trevally often are very subtle in their bait taking and will gently suck the bait into their mouths. This will barely move your rod tip so be on the lookout for tiny movements. A good rig to use is Kiwi Tackle 3/0 Lumo Lime Tarakihi 3 Hook Ledger Rig,  this is also a great rig for Trevally and Gurnard, who are attracted to the luminous squids.

Snapper numbers are on the increase as well, with one angler catching a brace of 2 kg fish at Miramar, these are only two of a number we have heard of. Big schools of small Kahawai are around too with a couple of small Kingfish being taken on Spinners.

The South Coast. Palliser Bay has been fishing well for Spotted Sharks, Red Cod and Kahawai with a few large Conger Eels thrown in to test your knots and gear. South Coast West of Devils Gate has yet to really fire, having said that, there are Moki being caught with the largest being a lovely condition 5.12kg specimen caught by Gary Whittaker of the Wellington Surfcasting And Angling Club.

East Coast fishing has been excellent with good numbers and sized Gurnard being taken, as well as Moki and Spotted Sharks. A popular spot has been Castle Point, reef Gurnard fishing can be spectacular at times off here. Pictured is James Bennie with a nice Moki and four Gurnard.

Eddie's mokiThe Moki 100 Fishing Competition was a huge success with a number of fish caught and near perfect conditions. Everyone had a great time and a good catch up at this enjoyable event. The eventual winner was Eddie Ski from the Wellington Surfcasting And Angling Club with a 3.8 kg Moki. Well done Eddie, your shout for the boys next weigh in me thinks!

Tight lines, enjoy the start of the summer fishing and catch heaps



Boat Report

Well it is that time of year when it all starts to happen – YEHA! November and December can be such an exciting time of year to fish as often the larger fish start to show up before the big runs of smaller fish, Kingfish and Snapper most notably.

Pukerua Bay South, down to Pipanui Point have been producing good numbers of Snapper with Big Bay just South of Pukerua Bay being my preferred location for consistent fishing for snapper – and berley is a must. A simple berley system is not hard to make, yet is the most important fishing tool in your boat. Not only for Snapper but all fish, it is your way of advertising where your baited hooks are.

Kingfish are being caught at the usual places, Hunters Bank - North, and Kapiti and inside ledges around Kapiti, jigging being the most popular fishing method. For those of us who are into jig fishing – live baiting or trolling lures works well too.

The water temperature on the West coast has not really cranked up yet but there really good numbers of fish out there despite the still cooler waters. Trolling lures like Berkley Monster bib lures rigged with a daisy chain of squid lures in front of the lure is hard to beat. The action of the lure brings the squids alive making for an irresistible lure.

South Coast. Inshore Tarakihi and Blue Cod fishing has been good on most of the reefs, Arabella Rock, and Western Ledge have fished well along with Lyall Bay and Fitzroy Bay for Gurnard on the sand. Spiny Dogfish numbers are declining which makes fishing for Gurnard a lot more fun, try anchoring in 20 – 30 metres of water, use Flasher Rigs with fillet baits of Trevally or fresh Kahawai, these baits work well, or even a jig will out fish bait at times.

One of my favourite spots on this coast is 5 Mile Reef. You just don’t know what you will catch, big Blue Cod, Tarakihi, Groper and Trumpeter call can be caught here along with just about anything else. When fishing 5 Mile I prefer to anchor a couple of hours before high or low tide in around 60 – 80 metres as this reef can be very tidal. It makes it hard to berley so unless there are small tides, I don’t bother. Rigs should be strong and hardy 5-8/0 hooks tied on 80 – 100 lb mono. Bait should be firm Squid or fish fillet i.e. Trevally works very well as it is a firm oily bait. 15 or 24 kg line on your reel with handle most fish you hook here.

Often I will use a second rod with 24kg line and 2 x 10/0 hooks on a ledger rig with 100 to 150lb mono trace, a good rig to use is Steve's Pro Angler 3 Hook Special Groper Rig which I make myself. On the hooks I use whole fish i.e. Jack Mackerel I take out with me to use, or use whole Tarakihi that I catch out there as Groper and yes, big Kingfish will be looking for easy prey like whole fish, this also works well on the outer ledge at Hunters Bank and all the reefs.

Out wide in Cook Strait Bluenose fishing has been very good, not only in good numbers but also in size with many a 10kg plus fish being caught. As usual we we get mixed reports on best Bluenose bait versus jigs. Jig fisho’s are doing well but so are the bait fisho’s. It makes good sense to me if one is not working try the other, but always keep both options available to you. Groper this time of year do fish well, but the Bluenose fishing is so good that most anglers are targeting the Bluenose.

Now is one of the best times of the year to go fishing, make sure you make the effort to get out there. If you need a hand with advice, just get in touch; see you out there doing it!