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Steve's Fishing Report - Wellington - October 26, 2012

The Shore Report

The Gurnard are in! Good numbers of Gurnard have been taken in the Harbour off most of the wharves, and around the Miramar Peninsula / Evans Bay area. The Snapper are also starting to trickle in as well, which is pleasing. Don’t forget to try different sized baits eg whole Pilchards or small Squids, with two 7/0 hooks for your Snapper. Gurnard and Trevally prefer smaller baits and light trace line like 30lb / 40lb Sufix Superior Trace Line, which is clear and easy to tie. Adding Hi-Vis Fluro beads and trace line to your rigs can make a huge difference to your catch rate.

James Bennie Spotted sharkRed Cod are still scavenging around for your nicely presented Gurnard bait as are the Kahawai. In amongst the small Kahawai boil ups we have had several reports of Kingfish being spotted. It is not prime time yet for Kingi’s but still worth a shot. As soon as the wind stops blowing so hard and those random cold Southerlies die off the numbers of Kingfish will start to rise steadily.

West Coast is still getting hammered by big winds from the Westerly quarter therefore not much to report from that coast. The West Coast really comes into it’s own on the fishing front from about November and fishes well for Snapper until late autumn.

South Coast from Turakirae Head to right round to Honeycomb Rock in the East Coast has been excellent for good sized Spotted Sharks up to 7kg with an average weight of 3.5 kg. The Red Cod are feeding hard around the many river mouths as are the Kahawa,i this is due to Whitebait moving up the rivers, Gurnard should start to appear with more consistency on the open coasts from now on. Some nice Blue Moki have been caught and these fish are great scrappers as well a good eating fish, and quite a few nice Spotted Sharks which are an excellent sport fish. Pictured is James Bennie with a lovely Palliser Bay Spotted Shark

Good Luck and may the Fishing Gods be with you.


The Boat Report

Wellington HarbourThe Harbour has been the only nice place to take the boat or Kayak out over recent weeks due to the constant barrage of high winds most days. With the Whitebait and other bait fish moving in the Kahawai fishing has been good along with good numbers of nice Gurnard. Trevally have been the surprise fish here with Trevally being caught at lots of different places. Those fisho’s making the effort to berley up when out in the boat are improving their catch rates and will have the advantage over fishermen who don’t use berley as well as others over the coming months.

Over the next few weeks more Gurnard and Trevally will enter the Harbour along with Snapper and Kingfish. The hole at Kau Piont and Falcon Shoal plus the inshore reef south of Camp Bay are all worthy of a fish. Don’t forget - Berley will always improve your chances, I know I keep banging on about the importance of berley but the vast majority of anglers still don’t use berley and miss out on vastly improved catch rates. Stray line or line baits are always worth a shot for Kingfish and Snapper along with small ledger rigs ie 2 to 3/0 rigs such as Kiwi Tackle 2/0 2 Hook Ledger Rig for Gurnard and Snapper. Check out our Boat Fishing Wellington Harbour fishing hot spot for more information.

South Coast, just like the West Coast the weather has made it hard to get out with big swells and strong winds slowing us all down. Those fisho’s lucky enough to get out in between the gales and big swell have mostly found the fishing hard. Out wide Bluenose and Groper have been patchy at best, sometimes when you are thinking of chasing the fish out wide in moderate to rough sea’s, you may condisider it just not worth going out with the cost of fuels, baits etc. It makes more sense to wait for a nice day and while they have been few and far between nice days are well worth the wait in the payoff of comfortable fishing and better results.

Inshore reefs should be holding good numbers of fish such as Tarakihi and Blue Moki as they have not been fished much due the weather making fishing impossible a lot of the time. This is nature’s way of protecting our fisheries and it is a good thing that the weather prohibits continuous fishing of the same spots. When the weather comes right, 5 Mile Reef, Western Ledge and Fitzroy Bay will all be worth a shot. Don’t be surprised if you get one or two Groper on some the inshore reefs, and November and December can be a very good time for inshore Groper.

Looking forward to have better fishing to report over the next few months as the summer fishing season is almost here. And don’t forget, we are only a phone call or email away if you have any questions about fishing, we are always keen to help a fellow fisho.

Wishing you all the best with your fishing