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Steve's Fishing Report - Wellington - April 8, 2013

Shore Report

Man this weather is awesome! With this kind of weather comes great fishing too.

The Harbour

The Harbour has been fishing well with a few Kingfish still around Oriental Bay, however this time of year the East side of the Harbour is a good bet for Kingfish. Snapper are still in the Harbour but small with heaps of palm sized fish being caught throughout. Kahawai have been there one minute and gone the next so have been a little challenging. Miramar Wharf has been producing some excellent early season Red Cod and some chunky Gurnard. This would have to be a favoured spot this time of year as some big Kingfish also patrol here.

West Coast

The West is fishing very well for Snapper from Makara through to Santof with a lot of fish coming off Te Horo and Otaki which is very good to see. Slide baiting some of these areas would be well worth doing this time of year as the Kings will be patrolling the surf for an easy feed. Trevally should make more of an appearance for shore fisho’s off this coast too. Richard's shore caught Snapper Richard Cryer with a lovely shore caught Snapper weighing in at 5.5kg

South Coast

Wainuiomata and Palliser Bay are fishing hot for Kahawai and some good Moki up to 4KG. I fished in Palliser Bay a couple of day ago, and saw the biggest school of Kahawai and bait fish I have ever seen there, the Pilchards and Anchovies where all over the beach. The Spotted Sharks are there too but are biting very cautiously so be very attentive to your rods. There have been a number of Kilo and a half Snapper caught too which is good to hear but not surprising with the amount of bait fish around.

East Coast. The East coast is fishing well for Spotted Sharks, Gurnard and with a few Snapper and Kingfish thrown in. Now is a good time of year to fish for big Sharks on this coast which are great fun on surf gear. Use a reasonably heavy gauge recurve hook about 10/0 and tie a running rig of 150 lb with some Lumo Tubing. A good bait to use is big fillets of Red Cod which will become more prolific as we head towards Winter. That is a sad word - Winter……..

Get out there and enjoy some great autumn fishing, winter is still a way off yet.



Boat Report

There are plenty of great fish being caught all around Wellington.

West Coast

Felix with a great KingFishSnapper and Kingfish are full on, with the real surprise being the numbers of Snapper still around. Most inshore reefs and ledges are holding good numbers of fish with the fish being consistently larger than one or two months ago. Even though I haven’t heard of many 10kg plus Snapper, there are a lot of 3 – 5 kg fish that are great to catch. Kingfish this time of year can be a bit jig shy as they have seen jigs all summer long, so live baits can often work better even though live baits can be hard to get at times. It is well worth the effort, live bait Blue Cod or even Tarakihi as these work well, and are often of a better size for live baiting. Pictured is Felix Wenzel with a really nice 18 kg Kingfish caught on Wellingtons West Coast on a stray lined Pilchard. Shimano DL4000 Baitrunner Reel Our preffered stray line reel is the Shimano DL4000 Baitrunner Reel as it has the Baitrunner feature and also is nice and light for soft bait fishing.

One species of fish often not fished for on the West Coast is John Dory, and yet there are plenty around this time of year, again live bait is your best method here, or large soft baits, the bigger the soft bait the better. Fish live bait on a ledger rig or even use large soft baits. While I like to fish for John Dory over a bit of foul ground, there are no rules as to where and when, so give it a go.

The Harbour

Having seen some huge schools of Kahawai moving into the Harbour, there must be massive amount of bait around to keep the Kahawai hanging around. Pilchards, Jack Mackerel and Anchovies are what make up the big bait fish schools.

It is not just the Kahawai that feed on the bait schools, there will be good numbers of Snapper, Trevally and Kingfish hunting them down as well. Like the West Coast, Snapper are still around with reports of 3m – 5kg fish being caught along with the odd Kingfish. This time of year the fish are feeding hard to get some condition on for winter, so berley is a must along with good quality bait. Try fishing some of the ledges in the harbour on both sides of Somes Island where it drops in depth or Point Gordon. If you are able to fish two rods try one with small baits ie 2/0 hooks and cubes of fish bait and on your second rod large baits ie whole Pilchards, Squid etc. to give you a chance of a big Snapper or Kingfish.

South Coast

Tarakihi and Blue Cod are fishing well, however not so many reports of Kingfish being caught, I don’t think many fisho’s are fishing for Kingfish on the South Coast mainly because the Tarakihi fishing is so good. Just like the West Coast, John Dory fishing can be very good with Western Ledge, or off Lyall Bay in the foul ground being worth a try. Groper and Bluenose have been a bit patchy at best with most anglers reporting tough fishing. To be fair, the wind at times has made for hard fishing out wide. Enjoy the excellent fishing that is still out there, and hope to see you out there.