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Steve's Fishing Report - Wellington - September 12, 2013

Shore Report

Weather is a big factor during winter as it often means cold nights, wind and big seas; luckily we have had a mild winter. Fishing has been a bit hit and miss from the shore, despite some great weather.

The East and South Coasts

From Castlepoint on the East Coast around to Ocean Beach on the South Coast, these areas have been producing big mature Kahawai full of Whitebait, with some chunky Gurnard scrounging underneath the schools. Spotted Sharks have been good after dark, as have Red Cod and some big 7 Gill Sharks. Having said this, many anglers have been having good success one night and not the next. Richard Cryer with a Tope Shark Rivers and river mouths will be a good bet for Sea Run Trout as they will be chasing the Whitebait up the rivers. A good lure for this is a 3inch Gulp Minnow. Remember you will need a fresh water licence which you can get online at http://www.fishandgame.org.nz/licences Back to salt water - the South Coast from Wainuiomata to Karori Light has been tough, the Kahawai seem to be hanging out around the Harbour entrance but not venturing in in any numbers. South of Devils Gate on the South Coast is worth a shot for Moki as it has been such a mild winter, and they may well have come back early. Pictured is Richard Cryer with a nice 15 kg Tope Shark, which was released after this picture was taken.

The Harbour

A few chunky Gurnard have been caught off Miramar Wharf and Seatoun Beach. Point Halswell is a great place to fish at night for Tarakihi, use small recurve hooks with a glow bead and fresh Trevally for bait. Tarakihi are a lovely eating fish, but can be challenging to catch. It’s very important that you do use small hooks because they have small mouths and are crafty buggers that give big bites but don’t hook up.

West Coast

The fishing has been very slow due to the weather; lots of small Kahawai are present off the Makara Coast with the odd Trevally in amongst them. Spotted Sharks have been slow up this coast mainly due to commercial netting and time of year. Give it another month and a bit, and the Snapper should start to show on the beaches North of Paraparaumu

Bring on Spring, and the warmer weather. Get out there and get fishing!/



Boat Report

West Coast

Inshore Tarakihi have been fishing well along with Blue Cod, and a few Warehou to make it interesting. Pictured is Felix with a nice Warehou.Felix with Warehou Most inshore reefs are holding good numbers of Tarakihi and Blue Cod with the north end of Mana and Boom Rock area proving to be the most consistent.

With a hint of Spring in the air we are starting to hear of the odd Snapper and Kingfish being caught, and it’s only a few short weeks until their presence make a welcome return in big numbers. Gurnard have shown up in good numbers on the sand out off Titahi Bay and off Pukerua Bay, with these areas producing plenty of these spring time favourites. Flasher Rigs and firm fillet baits work well along with slow jigs and soft baits as well. When using slow jigs or soft baits, you only have to move your rod tip in small lifts, not big long sweeping lifts, you want your lure to bounce on and off the sea floor in small movements.

South Coast

Just like the West Coast, Tarakihi, Gurnard and Blue Cod are fishing well at most inshore reefs, and with good use of berley there are Trevally to be had as well, pictured below is Steve with a nice Gurnard showing off this species unusual butterfly like wings. Inside Lyall Bay on the sand is a very good spot this time of year along with out wide off Shark Tooths Point or Arabella Rock. Bluenose have been patchy at best, those anglers fishing for them out are faring ok, but they are spending plenty of time hunting them out. Groper are a bit like Bluenose, you have to hunt them out this time of year. Look for good ledges with deep drop offs, and try and drift up the face. A good sea anchor is your best friend here. A sea anchor slows your drift down giving your baits or jigs more time on the bottom.

Steveo with a particularly nice GurnardLumo skirts help entice the fish, along with a lumo stick attached to your trace. Try using 400 -500gram Jigs as sinkers then bait the hook on the Jigs. A slow retrieve i.e. 20 – 30 metres off the bottom, and then let the Jig drop back down, it looks like the Jig is chasing your baited hook with Lumo Squids above them and can excite the fish into taking on your jig or bait.

Be wary of the wind this time off year out there as Spring northerly Gales can come up very quickly so check the weather and don’t get caught out in deep water as it can be very difficult to get back to shore with gale force winds pushing you back out to sea.

The Harbour

With the Whitebait season in full swing Kahawai and Trevally numbers have increased along with Gurnard. Springtime is always an exciting time to fish the Harbour as more and more fish come in as the water heats up. This time of year I look for areas with lots of tide especially over the eastern side of the Harbour where large schools of Whitebait start to run up the Hutt River.

Webb Point or Point Arthur on the Eastbourne side of the Harbour are both worth a trip. At Webb Point try to anchor on the ledge where the water depth drops from 5 – 12 metres, it’s a nice place for fish to swim along looking for food, the use of a little berley just off the sea floor will enhance your fishing opportunities. Point Arthur is much shallower so surface berley is the way to go here. Baits should be small, nice white Squid cut into strips, so it looks like a small bait fish i.e. Whitebait, and small 1/0 or 2/0 hooks tied on light 20 or 30lb trace, or use cube cut bait small again ie Pichards or fillet bait.

When fishing the harbour don’t over fish it with heavy tackle. A light spin rod and reel or soft bait set is all that is required, and with 4 – 6kg line on your reels, not only will you catch more fish, you will have heaps more fun. Don’t forget the landing net!

The new seasons fishing is starting now, so dust off your gear, check your line, guides and general condition of your reels, and get out there. And if you need a hand getting ready for the new season, we are here to help. Because talking about fishing is work – said no one ever!

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