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Steve's Fishing Report - Wellington - May 12, 2014

Shore Fishing

While the conditions for shore fishing have been challenging, there have been quite a lot of opportunities to get out and wet a line.

South Coast

Devils Gate to Ngawi has been fishing very well for Snapper, Spotted Sharks and Moki with a number of good sized fish being taken. Moki and Snapper to just shy of 5kg and Spotted Sharks to 10kg in weight have made for great fishing. Pictured is me with a nice Spotted Shark I caught at Lake Ferry. Felix with a sweet spotted shark These areas are great to do day trips too as there’s lots to explore and see. If you are keen on having a go at the Moki focus on the reef areas with little clear patches to cast a juicy mussel bait into. Don’t be scared to plop a 5 metre cast just over the drop off, the Spotted Sharks and Snapper are better targeted on the open beaches and don’t be surprised if you get the odd Elephant Fish there too. A lot of the beaches along this stretch of coast would be great for slidebaiting a relatively new technique used to get live baits into the strike zone and over the top of seaweed that’s in close. Castle point to White Rock has been fishing well for Kahawai, Moki and a few Snapper off the reef, Gurnard are also getting caught in reasonable numbers at white Rock. Otahome had water temperatures of 18c in the last month which is really warm for this time of year and should mean good Snapper fishing as well as a longer season for them hopefully.

The Harbour

Fishing has been excellent, with lots of Snapper around with good sized fish up to 8kg being caught. There is still the odd Kingfish around and good numbers of Warehou when you can track down the schools, burleying off the wharves is your best bet to catch these. Use a 1/0 hook and a strip of Squid with a little split shot to help it get out and down. There have also been some good Elephant Fish caught weighing up to 5 kg, these are a great fish to catch on surf gear, and now is a great time to target them. Use fresh Squid, or Pilchard fillet goes down a treat too, on a small 2/0 dropper rig, this will also work well for Trevally. Make the most of the next few weeks as it is only going to get colder and the Kingies and Snapper won’t hang around as the water gets colder unfortunately.

West Coast

Makara to South Beach was a bit late to fire mainly due to the weather, but I am hearing of good catches of Snapper up to 20lb with good numbers around the 10lb mark. Trevally are also being taken along this coast with nice fish of around 2 to 3 kg not uncommon. Now is a great time to fish some big baits off the various rock ledges along this coast for a chance to catch a munter Trevally. In amongst the Snapper have been good schools of Kahawai and a number of shark species which are good entertainment while waiting for a Snapper bite.

All the best for your fishing over the next few weeks, and make the most of it while condition are still enjoyable.

Cheers, Felix.

Boat Report

West Coast

Snapper and Kingfish are around with several reports of good sized fish being caught. This is me with a nice West Coast Snapper and Kingfish. Steveo with a snapper and a kingfish Sadly as the water cools down, so will the autumn fishing, so make the most of late autum fishing. The cooler water temperatures brings us back to our staple Tarakihi and Blue Cod along with winter Groper out wide. Like all fishing timing is the key and for Blue Cod and Tarakihi anchoring a couple of hours before the turn of the tide. This time of year the outer edges of Hunters Bank in around 60 – 80 metres, or the Northern End of Mana can fish very well for Tarakihi and Blue Cod and don’t be surprised if you still catch some Snapper. Check out our latest fishing spot, Hunters Bank, which is now up on our home page.

Groper have been patchy at best and fishing for them can only get better this time of year. Fishermans Rock, 78 Meter Rise and out wide off Hunters Bank are all worth a shot this time of year. Whole Jack Mackerel would be my preferred bait as you don’t catch too many Sea Parch with this type of bait, otherwise fresh Squid and fresh fillet bait works well. Inshore reefs are starting to hold Warehou as well as Tarakihi and Blue Cod. South of Mana down to Makara Warehou are often caught off the bottom about one third of the way up, just leave your rod in the rod holder with 3 – 5/0 Flasher Rigs with strips of bait on the hooks, just like Tarakihi fishing. Remember the smaller the bait often the better fishing. The West Coast has provided truly amazing fishing this summer with record catches of big Snapper and Kingfish. Here is Felix with another great West Coast Kingfish. Felix with a kingfish

South Coast

As winter approaches we start to think of those nice windless days giving us a chance to get out wide and fish Nicholson’s Trench and chase Bluenose, Groper and Bass. Bluenose fishing has been very consistent all year whether you are jig fishing or hook line and sinker fishing. Both methods work well, I prefer the hook line and sinker method myself as it gives me a better chance to catch Groper or Bass as my line is on or near the bottom. When baiting your hook it’s worth making the effort to cut bait in long tapering strips try to simulate a fish down deep as that’s their normal pray. It’s the same for groper and Bass, all baits cut should be long and tapers the added attraction of cyalume glow stick can also help improve your catch rate.

Wellington Harbour

Just like the West Coast there are still some nice Snapper being caught and the odd Kingfish as well, with most of the action over the Western side of the Harbour. Try fishing in shallow water with light traces and super small sinkers. As winter approaches the Harbour will have big runs of winter Red Cod and though they aren’t the most exciting fish to catch, if you gut them first, they do fillet well if left in the fridge overnight and then fillet them, and Red Cod do taste fine to eat. Before you roll your eyes at the thought of eating Red Cod, eating the humble Red Cod still beats eating Vietnamese Basa Catfish from your local supermarket.

Also there are massive schools of Kahawai which are always a fun light line fighting fish, and one other fish species that often overlooked is the Elephant Fish. Elephant Fish are nice to eat and fabulous to catch on light line 4 – 6 fishing over the sand with tide running is always worth a try. Light traces on clear 20 – 30 lb trace with 1 – 2/0 hooks works well. With the number of Warehou being caught around the wharves, it could well be worth throwing some small jigs or soft baits around when at anchor or try drift fishing around the Harbour Entrance and inner Harbour.

Tight lines, and get out there and enjoy some great autumn fishing.