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What our customers are saying about us!

"Steve has been a regular contributor to our radio show on Saturday mornings over the past 17 years, and every time we chat it makes me want to hop on a plane and come fishing in Wellington.
He is a fountain of expert knowledge, which he dispenses happily, and when we did get out off the west coast he showed me how to catch snapper.
Not all the snapper secrets are in Auckland, and for those looking for the best advice and good deals, Steve’s Fishing Shop online will be the new destination."

Geoff Thomas

"Steve's has been my go-to fishing shop for over twenty years.
Experience-based fishing advice, hands-on tackle knowledge, and a range of good gear.


Having emigrated from the UK in 2006, I was an avid freshwater fisho. I’d target carp, tench and rudd (none of which you could keep) and if you could keep them they’d taste like mud, so it’s fair to say I wasn’t really prepared for the fishing experience this is Wellington’s West Coast.
After arriving in Welly, I bought my first Shimano rod and reel from Steve’s fishing shop, after which it soon became obvious that Steve (and his team) had an encyclopedic knowledge of land and boat based fishing, there’s pretty much nothing he doesn’t know – some of his customers claim he could catch Snapper out of a drain at the roadside, and having had the pleasure of going fishing with him I’d have to agree, his extensive knowledge of fishing, is matched by his skills out on the water.
I think the real uniqueness of his shop, is that rather than selling you the most expensive item in the shop, you get the right gear and advice for the job in hand. He can even help you successfully target a specific species which you simply don’t get from the run of the mill high street shop. Add to this his servicing of your gear and custom made rigs – it’s a one stop shop for the dedicated angler intent on improving their catch.
As a customer of 5 years now, I’m constantly learning but also looking forward to the next 5 years of tips, tricks and sound advice.